Hew Locke

Hew Locke is a sculptor and contemporary British visual artist based in London. His parents are Guyanese sculptor Donald Locke and British painter Leila Chaplin. He lived in Guyana when he was young before returning to the UK to study. He got a B.A. Fine Art in 1988 from Falmouth University, and an M.A. Sculpture from the Royal College of Art.

Locke uses a wide range of media, including painting, drawing, photography, relief, fabric, sculpture and casting, and makes extensive use of found objects and collage. He has demonstrated an special interest in working around sites and ideas with a historical resonance. He has cited architecture ranging from the Baroque, Rajput, Islamic, and Caribbean vernacular to Victorian Funfairs as influences. Recurrent themes and imagery include visual expressions of power, trophies, globalisation, movement of peoples, the creation of cultures, ships and boats, and packaging.

Locke's investigation in the display of Power has expanded into new areas such as royal and swagger portraiture, coats-of-arms, public statuary, trophies, masculinity, company share certificates, weaponry and costume.

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