Robotic Art

Art robotique

30, avenue Corentin Cariou, Paris, 75019
Admission: EUR 12 (entry to City of Science and Industry, this exhibition is free) 
THIS EXHIBITION IS NO LONGER OPEN - it ended on 04/01/2015
Good for Kids
Opening Times
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 1000 - 1800
Wednesday: 1000 - 1800
Thursday: 1000 - 1800
Friday: 1000 - 1800
Saturday: 1000 - 1800
Sunday: 1000 - 1900
Closed on January 1, May 1, December 25.
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Map / Location

Robotic Art take a look at the principle of transformation that occurs in certain works of art, transformation made ​​available through the use of technologies developed mainly since the second half of the last century: electronics, computers, bionics and robotics.

The exhibition presents works whose transformation is active and contemporary of the visit, "works in transformation". A certain approach combining mechanical, optical appeared in the last century through the kinetic works of Moholy-Nagy, Soto, Schöffer Tinguely, to name a few. Through the use of new materials and new technologies, the vocabulary of this current was, over time, greatly expanded.

The works presented here are either "robots" themselves or created by one or more "robots". Some artists are inspired by space, as Shun Ito or nature as Maywa Denki and Troika to create their works.

Till Nowak and Lu Yang favor a documentary approach, the first to tell the story of a research institute (actually against) gravity, the second to illustrate what she might invent in the future by using science and seeking for help through its graphical charts.

Christian Partos Takatani and Shiro are the first artists to design each work on a 3D matrix liquid composed of 900 computer controlled and for creating sculptures and animations fugitive solenoid.

Other artists transform ordinary objects to express their creativity: The Way of Damastes Jean Michel Bruyère / LFKs the Animaris Theo Jansen, Totemobile Chico MacMurtrie / Amorphic Robot Works and The Big Picture of robotlab. Many metamorphoses robots, which escape by the usual form of android, are either the subjects or actors.

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