37 Quai Branly, Paris, 75007
Admission: EUR 9 (entry to Quai Branly Museum, this exhibition is free) 
THIS EXHIBITION IS NO LONGER OPEN - it ended on 08/02/2015
Opening Times
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 1100 - 1900
Wednesday: 1100 - 1900
Thursday: 1100 - 2100
Friday: 1100 - 2100
Saturday: 1100 - 2100
Sunday: 1100 - 1900
Closed on 25th December and 1st of May.
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Map / Location

The Maya of the pre-Hispanic period were the creators of a fascinating civilisation, and have left to posterity dozens of cities revealing remarkable architecture, sculpture of great technical advancement, numerous frescoes, constructions, pottery vases and a detailed list of their religious beliefs, rituals, community live, habits and history.

This exhibition enables the visitor to appreciate the legacy of the Maya to humanity. In thematic order – the relationship with the environment, the power of cities, funerary rites – the exhibition presents the various aspects of this culture and its creative abilities. The exhibition attempts to present both a general overview and to show the variety of styles and aesthetic successes of the different Maya groups, each of them with its own language and means of expression.

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