The helpers of the Secret Annexe

De helpers van het Achterhuis

263-267 Prinsengracht, Amsterdam,
Admission: EUR 9 (entry to Anne Frank House, this exhibition is free) 
THIS EXHIBITION IS NO LONGER OPEN - it ended on 30/04/2015
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Monday: 0900 - 2100
Tuesday: 0900 - 2100
Wednesday: 0900 - 2100
Thursday: 0900 - 2100
Friday: 0900 - 2100
Saturday: 0900 - 2100
Sunday: 0900 - 2100
From 1st of November to 31st of March until 7 pm except saturdays 9 pm. Closed for Yom Kippur. Shorter time for Christmas and New Years Eve.
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Map / Location

This exhibition throws light on the important role played by the staff at the office of Anne's father who made it possible for the Franks to go into hiding. For more than two years, they cared for the safety and well-being of the inhabitants of the Secret Annexe, day in, day out. A video and various objects show how.

In 1942, Otto Frank decides to use the annexe at the back of his business on Prinsengracht as a hiding place. He requests the help of his staff as to stay hidden would be impossible otherwise.

For more than two years 4 people care for the family, day in, day out. They are Johannes Kleiman, Miep Gies, Victor Kugler and Bep Voskuijl also Miep’s husband, Jan Gies, and Bep’s father, Johan Voskuijl, also become involved.

The helpers keep the business going, organize extra ration books and take care of the grocery shopping, clothing, medicine, books and magazines. They are the only contact with the outside world for those in hiding, who are completely dependent on the helpers.

When Otto Frank returns in June 1945 being the only survivor in his family, to his great relief all of the helpers are alive. For the rest of his life he’s grateful for their help.

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