American Encounters The Simple Pleasures of Still Life

New Frontier IV : fastes et fragments Aux origines de la nature morte américaine

Palais Royal , Paris, 75001
Admission: EUR 12 (entry to Louvre Museum, this exhibition is free) 
THIS EXHIBITION IS NO LONGER OPEN - it ended on 27/04/2015
Opening Times
Monday: 0900 - 1800
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 0900 - 2145
Thursday: 0900 - 1800
Friday: 0900 - 2145
Saturday: 0900 - 1800
Sunday: 0900 - 1800
Closed 1st May, 25th December, 1st January.
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The Simple Pleasures of Still Life
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This exhibition is the last one from the series “American Encounters” hosted in the Louvre. The exhibition focuses on the still-life painting style in America during the 19th century.

Still-life started to be a painting genre in America in the 19th century, first as a confidential practice, as American painters had a preference for portrait or landscape paintings, but which became more and more popular thanks to wealthy collectors interested in the Dutch Golden Age still lifes looking for work to buy in their own country.

Still life painting by artists such as Raphaelle Peale, Martin Johnson Heade or William Harnett are displayed in this exhibition. Especially Raphaelle Peale as he is considered as the first American painter of still life. He won renown for his austere and efficient style with a focus on products typically Americans such as corn and cantaloupe.

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