All Hallows by the Tower Crypt Museum
Museum, London
Entry: Free

The Crypt Museum leads you on a fascinating journey through time, beginning with the Roman tessellated floor of a domestic house in the ... read more

Allard Pierson Museum
Museum, Amsterdam
Entry: EUR 10
2 Exhibitions

Allard Pierson Museum is the archaeology museum of the University of Amsterdam. The ancient civilisations of ancient Egypt, the Near ... read more

Archaeological crypt of Notre-Dame
Cultural Building, Paris
Entry: EUR 7
1 Exhibitions

This sightseeing is one of the few discreet place in Paris that can be easily missed, even it has a central location and a interesting ... read more

Archaeological Museum
Museum, Zagreb
Entry: HRK 20
5 Exhibitions

The Archaeological Museum in Zagreb is one of the direct successors to the former National Museum, the oldest museum institution in the ... read more

British Museum
Museum, London
Entry: Free
13 Exhibitions

One of the greatest museum in London, if not in the world, a must visit museum. The British Museum is also one of the oldest museum in ... read more

Mimara Museum
Museum, Zagreb
Entry: HRK 40

The Mimara Museum is an art museum housing the collection assembled by Wiltrud and Ante Topić Mimara. Its full official name is the "Art ... read more

Museum of European Cultures
Museum, Berlin
Entry: EUR 8
3 Exhibitions

The Museum of European Cultures came from the unification of the Europe-Department in the Berlin Museum of Ethnography and the Berlin ... read more

Neues Museum
Museum, Berlin
Entry: EUR 14
2 Exhibitions

Built in the 19th century by architect Friedrich August Stüler later damaged in the Second World War, the Neues Museum as been restored ... read more