Grand Palais

3, avenue du Général Eisenhower, Paris, 75008
Admission: Free
(Price vary depending on the exhibition.)
Wheelchair Access
Late Opening
Has Temporary Exhibitions
Irregular Opening

Opening Times

Monday: 0900 - 1730
Tuesday: 0900 - 1730
Wednesday: 0900 - 1730
Thursday: 0900 - 1730
Friday: 0900 - 1730
Saturday: 0900 - 1730
Sunday: 0900 - 1730
Opening hours vary. Open until 10 pm during exhibitions on Wednesdays.
Opening times and days may vary please check their program and schedule.
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Grand Palais
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Transport Info

Tube : Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau (1, 13), Franklin-D.-Roosevelt (1, 9).

The Grand Palais located not far from the most famous parisian avenue is a large historic site, exhibition hall and museum complex. Its construction began in 1897 after the Palais de l'Industrie (Palace of Industry) was demolished. The site was used as part of the preparation works for the Universal Exposition of 1900, which also included the creation of the adjacent Petit Palais and Pont Alexandre III.

The structure was built in the style of Beaux-Arts architecture with the use of techniques that were totally innovative at the time, such as its glass vault, its structure made of iron and light steel framing, and its use of reinforced concrete. Today this architecture is still a beautiful frame for all the major exhibitions that are hosted here.

The grand inauguration took place 1 May 1900, and from the very beginning the palace was the site of different kinds of shows in addition to the intended art exhibitions. The golden age of the art exhibitions as such lasted for some thirty years, while the last took place in 1947. The first major Henri Matisse retrospective after his death was held at the Grand Palais.

It was because of construction problems that the building closed down to public. One of the glass ceiling panels fell in 1993 and the main space had to be closed for restoration work. It was not fully reopened to the public until 2007.

Now the Grand Palais host some of the greatest exhibitions hold in Paris every year. Topics and themes are really different and concern all kind of art, time or artists.

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Past exhibitions at Grand Palais - now closed:
Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun 23rd Sep 2015 - 11th Jan 2016
Felix Vallotton : The Fire Under the Ice 2nd Oct 2013 - 20th Jan 2014
George Braque 19th Sep 2013 - 6th Jan 2014
Haiti 19th Nov 2014 - 15th Feb 2015
Hokusai 1st Oct 2014 - 18th Jan 2015
Niki de Saint Phalle 17th Sep 2014 - 2nd Feb 2015
Picasso.mania 7th Oct 2015 - 29th Feb 2016
Velázquez 25th Mar 2015 - 15th Jul 2015