Tropical Museum


Linnaeusstraat 2, Amsterdam, 1092
Admission: EUR 12
Wheelchair Access

Opening Times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 1000 - 1700
Wednesday: 1000 - 1700
Thursday: 1000 - 1700
Friday: 1000 - 1700
Saturday: 1000 - 1700
Sunday: 1000 - 1700
Open on monday only during school holidays. On 24 and 31 December the museum is open to 3 pm. Closed on December 25.
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Transport Info

Tram : Linnaeusstraat (3,7), v. Swindenstraat (9), Alexanderplein (10, 14).

This museum is one of Amsterdam hidden treasures. Located off city centre in a beautiful old building in East Amsterdam (Amsterdam Oost), Tropenmuseum often remains forgotten, like an old collection of post stamps. However, if you are interested in other cultures, other countries and distant lands - do no miss it. Tropenmuseum exhibit is modern, fascinating on many levels and inspiring. Moreover - a great museum to visit with kids, it is like a journey to all exotic.

Tropenmuseum has been created in 1864 in Haarlem, as the Colonial Museum and later (1910) moved to Amsterdam. After 1949, when a Dutch colony of Indonesia (former Dutch East Indies) became independent, the Museum became part of the Tropical Institute in Amsterdam, researching the life in distant countries, not necessarily primitive cultures – simply different, than a Western tradition.

The show is divided by continents. It begins with South America and through Africa reaches Asia and the Antilles on the first floor. Additionally, on the ground floor, there is an exhibition on Man & Environment and to the left from the entry Tropenmuseum Junior – a separate part of the museum dedicated for children, but aimed at mainly at Dutch schools, less at the young international guests.

The whole museum is divided into many smaller exhibits – each of them unique and modern in its presentation with the use of multimedia, light, sound, even smell and often beautiful decors. However the main value of the Tropenmuseum is its collection. The exhibited objects have unique historical and esthetical value. Each of the exhibits is like a journey through a mysterious, exotic territory.

Past exhibitions at Tropical Museum - now closed:
Black & White 1st Nov 2013 - 1st Jul 2014
Escher Meets Islamic Art 12th Jul 2013 - 5th Jan 2014