Anti-War Museum


Brüsseler Straße 21, Berlin, 13353
Admission: Free
Free Entry
Wheelchair Access
Late Opening

Opening Times

Monday: 1600 - 2000
Tuesday: 1600 - 2000
Wednesday: 1600 - 2000
Thursday: 1600 - 2000
Friday: 1600 - 2000
Saturday: 1600 - 2000
Sunday: 1600 - 2000
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Transport Info

Tube : U (Seestrasse).

The Anti-War Museum was reopened in 1982, 15 years after the death of its founder Ernst Friedrich.

Today Friedrich's grandson Tommy Spree and a group of volunteers - among them many teachers - take care of the museum's affairs. The museum is acknowledged as a non-profit organisation and lives mostly on donations.

Located in the centre of Berlin, the museum is completed by an art gallery, called the "Peace Gallery" since 1998.

The Anti-War Museum's displays include photographs, documents and objects from the First and Second World War. A large map of the world indicates present day wars and conflicts.

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