Baccarat Museum

Musée Baccarat

11, place des Etats-Unis, Paris, 75016
Admission: EUR 7

Opening Times

Monday: 1000 - 1800
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 1000 - 1800
Thursday: 1000 - 1800
Friday: 1000 - 1800
Saturday: 1000 - 1800
Sunday: Closed
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Transport Info
Map / Location
Transport Info

Transport Info

Tube : métro Iéna (ligne 9) Boissière (ligne 6).

The Musée Baccarat is a private museum of Baccarat crystal.The original Musée Baccarat is located in the Baccarat manufactury, Lorraine. In Paris, the museum has been created in the former mansion of Marie-Laure de Noailles an aristocratic lady who was one of the most influential patrons of the arts, with decor by Philippe Starck.

Philippe Starck had carte blanche to rearrange, design with some extravagant follies and conduct this ostentatious project in order to become an amazing showcase of this high international luxury brand.

It contains a number of major works produced by Baccarat for world fairs and universal expositions of the 19th century, and for celebrities. The ground floor host the Baccarat shop.

The museum contains displays of fine glass work, including vases, dishes and stemware; limited-edition collections created by noted designers Georges Chevalier, Ettore Sottsass, Roberto Sambonet, Van day Truex, and Marcial Berro; and pieces commissioned for heads of state, royal and imperial courts, and celebrities including the Emperor of Japan, Prince of Wales, and Josephine Baker.

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Past exhibitions at Baccarat Museum - now closed:
Baccarat. 250 years 15th Oct 2014 - 14th Feb 2015