Doll Museum

Musée de la Poupée

Impasse Berthaud, Paris, 75003
Admission: EUR 8
Good for Kids

Opening Times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 1300 - 1800
Wednesday: 1300 - 1800
Thursday: 1300 - 1800
Friday: 1300 - 1800
Saturday: 1300 - 1800
Sunday: Closed
Closed on French Bank Holidays
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  • Doll Museum
  • Doll Museum

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Tube : Rambuteau (11)

Established in June 1994 at the end of a small flowery alleyway mere steps from the Pompidou Centre, this private museum is located in the heart of the historic toy district, home to the oldest manufacturers of novelties and children’s toys. It continuously displays the private collection of Guido and Samy Odin, as well as presenting thematic exhibitions that are updated two to three times each year.

The permanent exhibition have been expanded and include now 40 displays that contain more than 600 dolls created from 1800 to 1959. Visitors will be following the chronology of these toys, discovering the diverse materials that were used over time, considering various methods of manufacturing them. The collection is shown to let people think about the different functions of dolls, to discover and to appreciate the different forms they took ranging from female and male adults, children or newborns through cartoons and animal characters.

A “discovery game” enables children to learn about the dolls’ that belonged to their ancestors. Adults ask questions focusing on key objects that help to explain this universal toy’s evolution. While participating in that activity, the adults rediscover their childhood memories, as well as those of their parents and grandparents, thereby developing an appreciation of how these toys reflect civilization’s progression. Lovers and collectors of toys transcend the dolls’ immediate physical nature as objects and appreciate them in the context of history.

Since its inception, Musée de la Poupée-Paris has displayed antique dolls in environments that recreate their culture and time in history. The original sets used in 1994, signed by Italian artist Giò Golia (1906-1992), have been restored and are returning to their places of honor in the updated exhibit.

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Past exhibitions at Doll Museum - now closed:
Bécassine unveils the treasures of Loulotte 3rd Feb 2015 - 26th Sep 2015
Minuscule, playful world of pocket dolls 23rd Sep 2014 - 24th Jan 2015
Snow Glass 23rd Sep 2014 - 24th Jan 2015