Medvedgradska ulica 2, Zagreb, 10000
Admission: HRK 10
Wheelchair Access

Opening Times

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 1100 - 1900
Wednesday: 1100 - 1900
Thursday: 1100 - 1900
Friday: 1100 - 1900
Saturday: 1000 - 1400
Sunday: 1000 - 1400
Open from 11 to 14 when no exhibition displayed. Winter from 10 to 16.
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Map / Location

The Croatian Academy Glyptotheque was founded in 1937, with the aim to present plaster casts of the immoveable monuments of the Croatian cultural heritage. Over the course of time, its museum holdings were enriched with numerous important works of Croatian sculpture of the 19th and 20th century.

The Glyptotheque (from the Greek glyptos – carved and theka – case; originally a collection of gems, and expanded to cover a sculpture museum) is located in the one-time tannery and leather industry facility the construction of which started in 1864 and gradually expanded until it was the biggest industrial plant in Zagreb. A fire destroyed most of the plant in 1926, and in 1938 the tannery went out of business. The founder of the Gypsotheque, Dr Antun Bauer, was the initiator of the move. Since 1950 the Glyptotheque has been a constituent part of the Croatian Academy, and has turned into a sculpture museum in which creative works of sculpture from antiquity until the present time can be seen.

The Croatian Academy Glyptotheque is a member of ICOM, UNESCO’s International Committee for Museums.

Past exhibitions at Glypthotheque - now closed:
Tohoku in the eyes of Japanese photographer 13th Nov 2013 - 28th Nov 2013