Checkpoint Charlie Museum

Haus am Checkpoint Charlie

Friedrichstraße 43-45, Berlin, 10969
Admission: EUR 12.50
Wheelchair Access

Opening Times

Monday: 0900 - 2200
Tuesday: 0900 - 2200
Wednesday: 0900 - 2200
Thursday: 0900 - 2200
Friday: 0900 - 2200
Saturday: 0900 - 2200
Sunday: 0900 - 2200
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Transport Info

Tube Kochstraße (U6), Stadtmitte (U2).

The Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, founded by human rights activist Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt, display about the history of Berlin Wall, and the stories of those affected by it. It also looks at the challenges facing us today as we struggle for worldwide recognition of human rights and freedom.

Here you can discover objects used to escape over, under, and through the Berlin Wall, and read the stories of those escapees who risked their lives to win their freedom. We also remember and thus keep alive the memory of others who died in the attempt – you can be part of this important work.