Reykjavik Art Museum : Ásmundarsafn

Listasafn Reykjavíkur : Ásmundarsafn

Sigtún, Reykjavik, 105
Admission: ISK 1200

Opening Times

Monday: 1000 - 1700
Tuesday: 1000 - 1700
Wednesday: 1000 - 1700
Thursday: 1000 - 1700
Friday: 1000 - 1700
Saturday: 1000 - 1700
Sunday: 1000 - 1700
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Pictures / Tags

Map / Location

The Ásmundur Sveinsson Sculpture Museum is dedicated to the works of sculptor Ásmundur Sveinsson (1893-1982).

Opened in 1983, the collection is housed in a unique building designed and constructed mostly by the artist himself from 1942-1959, drawing on architectural ideas from the Mediterranean, the domed buildings of the Middle East, and the pyramids of Egypt.

The original building served Sveinsson as studio and home. Behind it, he built a crescent-shaped structure as a work- and exhibition space.

Architect Mannfreð Vilhjálmsson designed the addition that now joins the crescent-shaped and original buildings. A sculpture garden surrounds the Museum, adorned with nearly thirty of the artist’s sculptures.

Ásmundur Sveinsson was a pioneer of sculpture in Iceland. He found his inspiration in the Icelandic landscape, literature, and people. The central features of the collection are massive, powerful and sometimes provocative works in praise of the Icelandic common people, folktales and nature.

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Anna Hallin: Interplay 21st Sep 2013 - 5th Jan 2014
I’ve never seen figurative electricity 18th Jan 2014 - 27th Apr 2014
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